The Hague Rat

6 June 2016

On the Hague market there is a mega rat of 2.5 meters long (including tail 4.5 meters). I made this rat on behalf of the municipality of The Hague as part of the Hague clean-up campaign: "Never throw bread on the street! Because besides birds, it also attracts rats."

I made the rat from 95% waste. The body is made of PVC pipe (waste from the vegetable garden) and crates from the market. Volume I added with waste from a white goods store (around the corner from my studio). The outside are plastic trays from apples. The tail is an old vacuum cleaner hose lined with netting from special apples. Ears and legs are made from plastic flower pots. Teeth are from the forks you get with the kibbeling at the market. The eyes are lights and are connected to the mains by plug on the tail.

The rat hangs in the stall of Den Einder practical school. 
Take a selfie with the rat. #clean up #no feed

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