About Carolien

As a visual artist, I have been working with plastic waste for over 30 years.
Collecting and selecting plastic waste according to shape, colour and size is an essential part of my work as an artist. This means I have to collect a large stock of waste in my studio, getting help from my family, friends, colleagues and associates.
You could even compare me to a waste management company, given the volume of materials I collect and process for my artworks.
The process of selection and collection is very important as I look for specific plastic materials that fit my artistic vision. By carefully choosing which waste to use, I can bring my ideas to life and convey a message relevant to the theme of my artworks.

By reusing plastic waste, I hope to inspire others to look at this material differently and be more conscious of their own consumption behaviour. My artworks are an invitation to reflect on our lifestyle and the responsibility we have to protect our planet, and to embrace positive changes that enable a more sustainable future. Together, we can turn the tide and leave a healthy and resilient planet for future generations.

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